The Hoffmann-Family - Who we are

Only few German names are as common as the name Hoffmann- no.10 of most popular German names (after Müller, Schmidt, Schneider, Fischer, Weber, Meyer, Wagner, Becker, Schulz: all profession-denotations).

We are the Baltic-German Hoffmann family, whose ancestors used to live in the Baltic States (i.e. Estonia and Latvia). If your name is Hoffmann and your ancestors came from the Baltic States then you are a relative.

But: ¨The estonian Hoffmanns with their side branches do not build an entity of it's own (as formerly presumed): they are only a part, a branch from a widespread german family, that decends from the blacksmith Philipp Hoffmann (ca.1540-1610) from Sangerhausen in Saxony.¨ (Welding, Olaf: Familie Hoffmann; Hamburg 1966)